The perception of change & changing your perception. I’m currently going through a lot of change – working with loads of great new clients & also moving house. With a change like moving house – I’ve noticed the perception of other people in relation to this change can be very different. When we are going through a change that others believe they understand – maybe they’ve been through it themselves, we can have a lot of different perceptions. For example, when I say to people “I’m moving house at the moment” the reaction of some people is: “Oh, it’s so stressful; there’s a lot to do, they say it’s one of the most stressful things you can do which is their perception of the change of moving house.

Other people’s response is: “Oh that’s so exciting, it’s so new & moving to somewhere different must be so exciting.” I’ve realised that people have polar opposite perceptions of the exact same change. My own experience of talking to people about this change is that the perception of everyone is very different & we want to be aware if other people’s perceptions are influencing our own. My own personal perception in relation to the change of moving house is that part of moving house is really exciting & other parts are a little stressful.


When we are looking at change, our perception of the situation makes it what it is. If I think moving house is really stressful then I am going to find it stressful. If I think moving house is really exciting, then I will notice all the things that are exciting about it.


I would invite you to reflect on this when you’re going through a period of change:     


  1. What is your current perception in relation to change you are going through?:  Notice what your perception is if you are currently going through change. Where does that perception come from? What’s driving you to think like that?   
  2. What is your general perception in relation to change? Do you generally go with a positive perception or a negative perception of change?  
  3. How can you move your perception to be a solution focused mindset for change: Consider whether you want to change your perception of different things that are happening. Look at the good things / benefits about What are the fun / enjoyable ways to go about this.


If you’re struggling to deal with change, you can set up a free 30 minute introductory call to help get clarity on what’s behind the struggles you are having with change:

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