Design a career that
satisfies and inspires you


Take Action On What Is Draining Your Energy

Are you ready to take the next step in your career?

You enjoy your role and the work that you are doing and have the time and energy to enjoy other aspects of life outside of work. You are ambitious and want to be a success at work and you want to ensure that you continue to make time for the other aspects of life outside of work. You want to figure out what the next right career move is for you and how you do that. 

If you are getting up for work day after day and you are wondering, “Why am I doing this? Is now the time to change and do something different?” Then you probably feel stuck in your role and you don’t know where to go next. You might even be considering taking on the commitment of additional study or a course but you don’t know the reason you are doing it. 

You are ready to start examining your career (even if that feels scary and uncomfortable!). You want to start making the right decisions for you so that you really enjoy your work more and feel more successful. You want to be clear and confident in the decisions that you are making. 

Have you ever said something like this:

It is too time-consuming to look for a new job

I don’t know what to do next

I’ve been in this role for too long

Other people love this job, I should stop complaining

I would have to take a step back to change

It’s too risky to move to another job

Take the next step...

Imagine how excited and confident you will feel, when you are in a role that has a purpose that you align with. When you are working in a role where you feel confident and that you enjoy. Where you have a clear view on what is expected of you and you know how you want to further develop in the role. 

It’s time to feel successful and satisfied in your career again. Your career strategy is yours to make.  Make the next move the one that works for you!

Our programme, Your Career Strategy, is designed to help you to get clarity on what’s important to you and to develop a clear strategy that excites you. You will feel confident to make decisions about your future career by learning from your past and by understanding how you can use your strengths to discover the right career for you. During the programme, you will learn how to talk effectively about what you want in your career so that you can have useful career conversations for either internal or external career moves (including interview preparation).

By the end of the programme, you will:

Be comfortable talking about what you want in your career

Have tools that you can use again and again to make career decisions

Be confident making decisions for your career

Feel like you are both satisfied and successful in your career

Have a structured action plan

Be ready to put yourself forward for the roles you want

Ready to get started?

You have three options:

Introduction to Career Coaching

If you want a taster of what our career coaching is all about book your one-off session here.


Interview Preparation

Be ready for your interview with exercises to prepare and undertake a mock interview with feedback. Book your 90 minute interview preparation session here.


Your Career Strategy Introduction Call

Want support to set your career strategy? Book a free call so that we can talk through what you want to change and your frustrations about how to make progress.


Thank you - I’m in a new role! (Three months after our intensive session). I really benefitted from you challenging me to reflect on all that I was learning from what I was doing during my job search. I was confidently reaching out to my network and I even confidently put my job search on hold temporarily while moving house

AmyProject Manager

Overall, I found the programme excellent. Before starting, I felt my confidence was so depleted that I didn't know what options were open to me. Now I have the confidence and I know the direction I want to go in. I also have a structure that I am following for my next role.

LeanneMarketing Manager

I found the ongoing support beneficial, especially at times when I lacked motivation. I have more clarity on what I want and how to best describe it and have an elevator pitch which helped me to position myself more clearly. I have also expanded the way I can talk about my strengths.

SandraIT Director

Through the coaching sessions I was able to simplify things and focus much better than I could have alone. The coaching was very practical and based on facts rather than a perception I might have.

SueTraining Manager

I found the coaching to be incredibly useful during an important transition in my career. I would recommend Aoife as a great coach – her positivity and can do attitude really rubbed off me! I would definitely use what I learnt from these coaching sessions in the future in both my personal and professional life

MichelleQuality Manager


Check out Frequently Asked Questions. If there is something not covered please send us an email

What will I get from the programme?

When you work on the programme, you will get: 

  • Clarity on your career strategy 
  • A clear pathway for your career strategy
  • Increased confidence in making decisions
  • Save time with more effective use of the time you spend on your career strategy and job search
  • Excited about your career and how you can make it work for you

Can you guarantee results?

  • Unfortunately there are no guarantees in this programme as part of the programme relates to the work that you put in. The programme is set out to give you a high-level of support and the results are dependent on what you put into it. The clients who get the quickest and best results are those that use the programme the way it is set out. This is why it is important to set-up a breakthrough call through this link here as I don’t accept every person that applies for the programme.

I’ve already been applying for roles and I’m not getting called for interviews, can this programme help?

As part of your programme focuses on reflecting on what you have learned so far, you would get to look back and really figure out what is not working about either the roles you are applying for or how you are applying for them. This comes back to you being very clear on what you want in your career and being able to articulate that as part of you CV and during applications and interview process.

I’m too busy – it’s too time consuming to focus on my career.

One question to ask yourself if you feel you are too busy is how much time do you spend thinking about potentially making changes in your career or aimlessly scrolling through job adverts? If making a change in your career is on your mind, then at some point you will find the time for you. This is why it is important to set-up a breakthrough call through this link here so that you can make a clear decision on whether now is the time to focus on your career or make the decision that it is not the time. The important thing is to make a clear decision so that you are not stressing yourself out thinking about it and not doing anything productive about it.

I won’t be able to get the same salary that I am earning now

Ask yourself whether this is an assumption you have made or whether this is a fact based on research you have done on the jobs market? We sometimes feel stuck in the role that we are in because of all the assumptions we are making. When you have a clear career strategy and a plan, you can be more confident to notice what assumptions are keeping you stuck where you are and what can do about it.

I don’t know what else to do

If you are looking for someone to give you all the answers as to what you want to do next in your career, then this isn’t the right programme for you. If you want to set out how you want to live your own life and how you are going to make it work for you, then we can help. We take a values-based and strengths based approach to making decisions on your career so that you can be confident you are making decision in line with what is really important to you and in line with what you are good at.

Other people love this job, I should stop complaining

If you are comparing yourself to other peoples version of success you won’t ever be happy. That is why it is important to work on a career strategy that is in line with your version of success and something that you would be excited about, proud of and satisfied with.