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Does this sound familiar?

You are successful – you got your current role because you are good at what you do. You have some really good days where everything goes well and it feels like things are working well and then other days that are awful! As a leader in your organisation sometimes there are things that don’t seem to work for you. 

  • Dealing with constant change
  • Expectations seem to be getting higher and you get frustrated with this
  • You look at your team as people who need to get the work done rather than as ‘people’.

You want work to be less stressful, while still getting the results. You can remember a time when you really enjoyed work but that feeling is not there anymore! 

Get your team and sanity back on track

Imagine getting back to that point where as a leader you are confident in the knowledge that you are doing the right things, getting the right results and you feel that both you and your team are fully enjoying their work.

  • You shut off from work and enjoy life outside of work.
  • You know how to manage times of stress
  • You look forward to work rather than dreading it.
  • You have a clear career path
  • You are helping your team to flourish as well

Our bespoke development programmes focus on you individually and as a leader of your team. You’ll be confident making decisions and leading your team. You will have a highly effective team and be satisfied with the work you and the team are doing. You will know your strategy for getting to success through understanding yourself and your strengths. You will focus on getting engagement from your team and results as an outcome. All of our programmes are bespoke for the specific company objective or specific problem we are solving.


Evolve Leadership Development

Understand how to get the best from your team through building effective relationships and getting results through people.

Effective Team Communication

Ensure things are understood correctly between you and the team; and when communicating with other stakeholders.

High Performing Teams

Get your leadership team or your own team working effectively and empowered to deliver results as a team.

Conducting Performance Conversations

Be confident handling difficult conversations when giving feedback for ongoing performance management.

Career Planning

Have effective development conversations to support your team to thrive.

Managing Yourself

Be able to manage your reactions in difficult situations and shift to a solution-focused mindset in all situations.

Coaching for Managers

Empower your team to have the confidence to make the right decisions themselves.

Leading Through Change

Understand the common triggers and barriers associated with different stages of change & communicating through this.

Lunch & Learn/ Breakfast Briefings

Bitesize learning for your middle managers

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Felt very personalised for our organisation and Aoife having a good knowledge of the business made the sessions useful

The knowledge that has been presented, the positivity among the group worked well and proactive examples given by the facilitator and the group

The new company Values were incorporated which I found to be quite interesting on how to bring to the team and to the business

Very engaging facilitator who challenges us on some of our ideas and gave great insights into how to manage expectations and build resilience through looking at different factors / elements. Very enjoyable training.

Excellent session and food for thought - realising where I have made mistakes in not setting boundaries on work / personal time. Great techniques for establishing priorities and planning more

The breakouts were fun, timeboxed well and very well organised

I would highly recommend Aoife if your company is seeking someone who works well with senior staff, is great fun and is one of the best facilitators I have experienced.


Check out Frequently Asked Questions. If there is something not covered please send us an email

We don’t know what training we need

We work with organisations to understand the specific need or problem they are trying to solve (in line with the business strategy) before embarking on development programmes. All our programmes are bespoke and this is why we recommend a short consultation to start discussions on the objectives you want to meet.

We don’t have any budget for this

Once we have a conversation about the outcomes you want to achieve, you will understand the required support and be ready to request the appropriate budget when it becomes available.

Can this be delivered in person?

Due to current Covid restriction all trainings programmes are delivered online. We have an extensive training portal that allows for the delivery of blended training with a mix of e-learning pre-work and virtual classrooms for participants.