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We support managers to deliver effectively in a way that works for their organisation and themselves. This leads to confidence, satisfaction and success in your role as a leader. We work quickly to identify the important outcomes for you as a leader and to focus on the gaps that are stopping you from achieving success as a leader. Not only will you have an action plan to confidently lead in your role, you will also have an understanding of how we got there as we show you the tools that can support you. 

Throughout our development programmes, we use a practical approach, showing you the process along the way so that you can put things into action straight away. All of our programmes are backed by evidence-based theory which we make easy for you to apply in practice.  We focus on the outcomes to be achieved and the actions required to get there.

AMAResults Missions & Values


We believe working in a corporate organisation can be satisfying and inspiring rather than being all consuming leading to burnout and stress. We support mid-level managers to build an inspiring and satisfying career for themselves and lead their teams in a sustainable and stress-less way.


  • Client-led Changes: We focus on our clients’ unique problems and the changes you want to see. We do this with kindness, honesty and transparency. 
  • Whole-person: We work with you as a whole person who intuitively knows your own needs, boundaries and goals. We focus on optimistic ways of interpreting your world and how to maximise your involvement across all areas of life.
  • Positive Momentum: We want you to make continuous improvements that lead to bigger changes.

The AMA Process

Step 1

Talk to us about the leadership/career challenge you want to solve

Step 2

We will agree your bespoke programme

Step 3

We implement the agreed programme

Step 4

Post-programme check-in three months after your programme has completed.


Aoife Mollin

Aoife has nearly 20 years of experience working in client facing industries. She combines her previous experience in management consultancy, delivering change programmes with her coaching and training skills. She has worked in large organisations within both the private and the public sector spanning diverse industries including Technology, Financial Services, Professional Services, Health Services, Transport, Retail and Forestry.

Working within organisations on change programmes, her focus was on supporting people through the change which was sometimes being imposed on them. Combining this consulting experience with training and coaching skills, allows her to challenge middle managers to understand how they can work through change to contribute more effectively to organisational performance, while enjoying work.

An advocate of lifelong learning, Aoife holds a Masters in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology from the University of East London, a European honours degree in Business & Legal Studies from University College Dublin, a Diploma in Corporate & Executive Coaching, and a Diploma in Personal and Small Business coaching. Aoife is a Senior Practitioner with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC); a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF); & the Irish Institute of Training & Development (IITD). Aoife was a finalist in the 2016 Coach of the Year Ireland ICF awards and is currently pursuing the PCC (Professional Certified Coach).

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