Be Confident You Are Getting
The Right Results

Are you ready to flourish...
as a Manager?in your career?

Are you ready to flourish?

Gaining clarity and focus on the areas of work that motivate and reward you will bring the results you desire.  Achieving your aspirations will bring satisfaction, success, and ease. It can be challenging to maintain focus and attain the results you want from your role, this is where we can help. We can help to break down complex situations to recognise what is and is not working for you, and your team, and build skills to make these complexities manageable and enjoyable. Our training will help you to become clear on what you want to achieve, confident about how you are going to achieve it and learn many useful and practical skills along the way. 

  • Challenge whatever is holding you back  
  • Make better decisions 
  • See your good ideas come to fruition
  • Make progress with change 
  • Develop your leaders or your teams
  • Take action


Evolve Leadership Development

I am a manager ready to lead with confidence..
Lead with confidence and make better decisions to get your team and your sanity back on track

Your Career Strategy

I am ready to make career changes…
Take control of your career path and uncover a career plan that inspires and satisfies


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Inspire your audience to take action with an engaging speaker that will add great value to your event.

Managing a team is not easy, being a leader is not easy. On your journey you will face many different challenges:

  • managing the expectations of your manager and other senior stakeholders
  • dealing with the issues that come from managing a team
  • cross-collaboration with other stakeholders in the organisation
  • lack of communication
  • missed targets
  • underperforming team members

All those expectations, alongside your own expectations. Trying to manage all of this and also having time for life outside of work. It all sounds very stressful, but it doesn’t need to be…

Imagine what it would be like if you had the support you need to truly flourish, to push through these challenges, and more besides. Increased confidence, improved decision making, the confidence to make the changes needed to get the results that both you and your managers want. All in a way that works for you on a personal level alongside what is expected of you in your role.

That’s where we come in…

Are you ready to flourish?

as a Manager?in your career?

Very engaging facilitator who challenges us on some of our ideas and gave great insights into how to manage expectations and build resilience through looking at different factors / elements. Very enjoyable training.

VictorSales Manager

I would highly recommend Aoife if your company is seeking someone who works well with senior staff, is great fun and is one of the best facilitators I have experienced.

NoelSenior Director

Thank you - I’m in a new role! (Three months after our intensive coaching session). I really benefitted from you challenging me to reflect on all that I was learning from what I was doing during my job search.

AmyProject Manager