Are you able to notice the things that you are tolerating in your work life?

Sometimes we have a feeling that our career isn’t working; we’re not satisfied; something isn’t right.  It could be some of the big things – you’re really not happy with the experience that you’re getting because this role isn’t what you were expecting it to be or you’re really not happy with the salary or maybe it’s some smaller things in your day to day as you go through the process of getting things done. You haven’t noticed the little things that you are tolerating that have seeped into your day to day.


If you want to focus on those little things ask yourself specific questions – are you tolerating the hours that you are working? Bad behaviour from colleagues that you are not giving feedback to them on? There are so many different things that we end up tolerating. I would invite you to spent 5 mins figuring that out for yourself – download our tolerations exercise , find a quiet corner & see if you are tolerating too many of these things.


Consider, of all these different heading, what of these things are really annoying me right now & if there are some things that are really annoying me, consider what’s within your control to change about them?  Identify what are the things that aren’t working for you in your role. Once you have identified them, then you can see what ones of these you want to change. I would love to hear what you learned – add a comment below or email me:


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