When we get to be in a manager role, we can sometimes feel lost as to how to feel successful & satisfied – now that we have achieved that promotion that we have been aiming for. Use these 3 tips to be a success in your manager role:  

Be clear on what you want to achieve in the role in terms of your overall career. Share on X
  1. Be clear on what you want to achieve in the role in terms of your overall career:  What is it this role will give you? For example – I want to do this role really well to get promoted to the next level or I want to do this role to be known as the expert or the great people developer or the person who always gets results or the problem solver or the technical expert. Be clear on what you want to achieve for yourself in the role. If it helps, you can think of these as your personal Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  2. What does the organisation expect of me:  Once you are clear on your expectations from the role, you can focus on what the organisation expects you to deliver in the role – do you have specific targets? Understand how these expectations evolve over time? If it helps, you can outline your business KPI’s
  3. Break down both areas of focus (personal career objectives & business objectives): Bring the two areas together for specific areas of focus. Break these down into timeframes – annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly areas of focus.  Where you have intangible things that can be hard to measure & break into goals / objectives & measure e.g. I want my team to work effectively together, outline what the results of your team working effectively would look like (e.g. There is no conflict at team meetings).

Once you know what you have to focus on it’s easier to know what decisions to make & where to prioritise your time & the time your team spend on work. This can simplify the complexity as a manager as you can ask yourself:  

“How does this decision bring us closer to what we are setting out to achieve as a team? How does what we are doing bring us closer to what we are achieving as a team?

When we have this focus, it’s easier to get results.


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