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Be confident you are getting the right results as a leader in your organisation & in your life


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About AMA Results

AMA (Aoife Mollin & Associates) Results was set-up to help companies and individuals define their ambitions, find solutions and implement the appropriate changes. We focus on business coaching programmes aimed at corporates; business owners and career coaching for individuals. We help you to make decisions on the right thing for you at the appropriate time.

  • Get clarity on how to make decisions getting a more positive impact for you
  • See your good ideas come to fruition
  • Make progress with change – move change forward in smaller steps
  • Develop your leaders or your teams
  • Challenge your thinking again and again
  • Take action

About Aoife Mollin

Aoife has over 13 years consulting experience working across industries within both the private and the public sector. Industries include Financial Services, IT, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Healthcare, Forestry, Energy, Motor Industry and Transport. She combines this experience with training and coaching skills to support middle & senior managers to achieve more results through coaching. She helps you to gain clarity on the results you want to achieve as a leader & what is required to get those results.

Aoife’s experience working across organisations spanning strategic development, strategic reviews, financial analysis, and change implementation gives her an ability to understand a company’s strategy quickly and challenge her clients in relation to what they require to deliver and to make progress quickly.

All her work is about helping people to define what they want to achieve and provide them with the tools / insight to achieve that. Aoife is a good listener, with a sense of humour. She has an ability to pick up on things quickly and this provides targeted challenge for clients. She works with them so that they take the right actions to ensure quicker outcomes.

Aoife holds a European bachelor of Business and Legal Studies, a diploma in Corporate and Executive Coaching and a diploma in Small Business Coaching. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation(ICF) and the Irish Institute of Training & Development (IITD). Aoife is currently pursuing PCC (Professional Certified Coach) through the ICF & was a finalist in the 2016 Coach of the Year Ireland ICF awards. Aoife is certified to use DiSC communicating assessment tool.

Results we achieve with you

How we work

We’ll be asking you questions – loads of questions. Through the process, you’ll get clarity on what you’re thinking and what is important to you. You’ll be confident that you’ve thought through the options that are available to you and that you’re ready to take the right action to move you forward in whatever challenge you may be working through. We aim to help you find it easier to take action and be excited with the progress you’ll be making.

Through the process, you’ll do all the thinking for yourself.  You’ll find the solutions that are the right ones for you. We’ll show you the tools that we’re using to assist you so that you’ll have confidence that you can do this again and again for yourself in the future.

AMA can work quickly with you to help you to identify what’s really important to you – to really focus on these areas and make progress. Not only will you have an action plan to the specific problem we work through, you will also have an understanding of how we got there. Throughout our coaching programmes, we use a practical approach, showing you the process along the way. We focus on the outcomes to be achieved and the actions required to get there.