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Happy Clients


I found the coaching to be incredibly useful during an important transition in my career. It helped me to explore several aspects of my working life that I wasn’t happy with. Through coaching exercises, I identified what these issues were. We then flushed out solutions to my problems through very simple and straight forward techniques. I would recommend Aoife as a great coach – her positivity and can do attitude really rubbed off me! I would definitely use what I learnt from these coaching sessions in the future in both my personal and professional life.
- Michelle
Through the coaching sessions I was able to simplify things and focus much better than I could have alone. The Coaching was very practical and based on facts rather than a perception I might have. I wasn’t sure what to expect from coaching as I had never had any experience of it before but I would highly recommend the process. It has been of tremendous help to me.
- Sue
I got more out of the coaching than I expected as I had some realisations about why I wasn’t making progress in certain areas. The coaching programme helped me to consider my options, understand my long term goals and make better decisions in the short term. What I have received from the coaching from Aoife is invaluable because it has given me clarity on where I want to be and how to get there. This is something that I was deliberating over from some time previous to the coaching sessions. I would highly recommend Aoife - she is very skilled, she ensures your objectives are met, and guarantees best use of time.
- Vanessa
Loved Aoife's attitude and manner of delivery which was very light, inspiring & uplifting. I got a lot of useful ideas about how to make small and big changes in other areas of my life.
- Una, Architect, Dublin


I had the very enjoyable experience of working with Aoife at our annual corporate training event during August 2015. Aoife led a team of 3 presenters facilitating a group of 40 senior executives for a 4 hour session. Her research and planning for the session were meticulous enabling the presenters to work seamlessly even though we had only just met. The response from the group was excellent – the group discussions and interactions were exceedingly well handled by Aoife. Feedback from the group included “passionate and committed”, “lots of fun”, “engaging”, “real”, “humour” and “authentic”. I would highly recommend Aoife if your company is seeking someone who works well with senior staff, is great fun and is one of the best facilitators I have experienced.
- Noel, Director
Aoife's coaching helped me with improving self awareness, evaluation and preparation for career planning and job interviews. She provided a tailored approach to the one to one sessions that created a self learning environment of my own capability and skills.
We set clear targets and objectives and with Aoife's support delivered on them much quicker than if I had done this on my own. Now I have greater clarity in setting personal targets and I am better equipped to deliver on my objectives. I highly recommend Aoife's coaching advice and coaching methods in improving individual capabilities and in assessing strengths and weaknesses.
- Brian, Supply Chain Manager
I really was uncomfortable in my role and thought that might not change completely overnight. I feel I have made progress and have a clear line of sight now for my career over the next couple of years. I went from feeling a little out of place in my company to finding a role I am comfortable with and clarity on my more immediate career path. I have the tools to plan further ahead in my career as and when I feel the need. I learned how to recognise what makes me happy in work and what makes me not so happy- being able to tie my disposition to my values is starting to help me recognise where things need to change. A sincere thank you for coaching me over the last few months.
- Oonagh, Senior Manager, Dublin
From the coaching intensive session, I got clarity and an understanding of what my core values are today, and what motivates me in work, including insights on how those values could change as I consider my career goals, and lifestyle circumstances in the future. I also gained an understanding of how my core values differ from others and how these differences can result in challenges to the ability to communicate and influence effectively. I started to identify new communication approaches based on adapting my communication style to fit the culture and values of the people I am interacting with.
I'm now more aware of how my core values impact the delivery of my work, and am flexing my approach to work to ensure my core values are being met. I'm changing the way I approach work situations to ensure I am managing them as effectively as possible.
I would recommend coaching to others. It is an opportunity to take a step back and take a look at the ``bigger picture`` of what makes you tick; what motivates you to continually optimise your performance and achieve your goals; how to identify the core values of others and use this to communicate, interact, and work effectively with people at all levels of an organisation.
- Aoidhbhin, IT Business Relationship Manager, Dublin
People say change is hard. It is. Changing jobs and moving into a Senior Manager role is even harder. Fortunately for me it was much easier having the good fortune to have Aoife Mollin as my Executive Coach and Mentor to guide me through the process. I looked forward to my weekly session with Aoife to help guide me through a quagmire of issues during the transition. She was very specific and focused helping me adjust my leadership style and problem solving techniques in a short period of time. I thought after 25 years in the industry and an MBA that focused on Leadership that I would have no problem transitioning, I could not have been more wrong. Reflecting back on the coaching she gave me, I am amazed how much I learned from her. Helping me deal with leadership challenges, building a high-performing team, and providing a vision to guide and unify the team are just a few examples. Once Aoife helped me identify leadership areas to work on, she held me accountable each week to make sure those new habits stuck. I can not give a higher recommendation nor can I thank her enough for the help and education. You won't find a better executive coach out there.
- Denis, Senior Manager, Boston, USA
Confidence comes from within. Through coaching you will learn to use the right tools which in turn will help you manage and unlock your confidence that's already there inside to achieve your goals!. Thanks Aoife 🙂
- Suzanne, Senior Manager, Dublin

Business Owners

Overall have to say it was an amazing experience and has certainly fast forwarded my new business and has given me skills that I will use throughout my future career. The coaching gave me the confidence and structure to take my ideas and make them a reality.
- Orla, Social Media Consultant
Coaching helped to change my mindset from viewing working on the business as non-paying to being a really important thing to prioritise. It allowed me to step back from the whirlwind of delivering and carve out time to focus on what I needed to do to move the business forward.
- Sarah, Owner - Blossom Marketing

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