Have you ever focused on the things that you are really good at? We get into the habit of focusing on the things that we maybe weaker at that we need to improve on. Could we also use our strengths to get more results at work in a way that is enjoyable?

strengthsI’ve outlined 3 steps to use your strengths to enjoy your work more & get more results at work .

1. Identify Your Strengths.

This is a common theme in the coaching work that I focus on. Having a self-awareness so that you know & understand your own strengths is important. You can identify your strengths by look asking yourself:

What’s the work that I enjoy? E.g. if I enjoy doing workshops what specifically about that do I enjoy – is it the interaction with people? Or getting a specific problem worked through in the workshop?  

What is the work that I get lost in?  Time flies by without you even noticing because you’re engrossed in the work. e.g.I work with people in analytics when getting deep down in the numbers, they don’t even notice the time flying past. Check every day whether there was something that you got engrossed in at any point during that day?  

What are the things that you do that give you energy? For me personally, after  doing coaching sessions with clients, I feel energised.  You can download the tolerations exercise here, which can help you to identify this through a process of elimination of energy drain and gain during the day. Identifying your strengths is half the battle to getting to where you want to be.


2. Seek Opportunities to use your strengths more in the work that you do in order to give you more results.  

Check in with yourself each week for opportunities to use your strengths. Share on X

Check out the circumstances where you can use your strengths during your work day. This could be in two ways:

In your own work.

Helping other people in their work  (e.g. doing specific types of reports)


3. Let other people know what your strengths are.

Let others know what your strengths are - you may just be the person they need! Share on X

You can do this in a number of ways, for example:

When having a one-to-one meeting with your manager, you can tell them the areas that you enjoy & link it back to the specific results you or the team are aiming to work towards.

You can also volunteer to do something / take ownership of something that allows you to use your strengths.

In general conversation, you can let people know the things that you like to do/strengths you like to use – e.g.  “If that comes up again, I’d love to do it”.


By focusing on our strengths we can enjoy our work more, feel more energised & get more results in a more enjoyable way.

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If you want to talk through how you can use your strengths to advance your career, schedule a free call here.




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