What are the things that you can delegate in your work life?

Are you constantly looking at how you can find extra hours in the day to get through your to-do list? Deciding to get in earlier to work or leave a little bit later or even find time at the weekends to get it all done. We sometimes jump straight into doing everything ourselves when we want to get something done. It could be time to consider what is the best way to get these things done – think about who can you delegate to in order to get the results you want.

Previously, I worked with a very ambitious client, he had been promoted into a very senior position in a global company, where there were loads of opportunities. One year on, when I met him, he was exhausted, he was trying to do everything himself. He had a team of 40 people around him and yet he always choose the first option of “I’ll do this myself”. When he started to realise that he could achieve more results by working with his team and delegating responsibilities to them, things started to change. He was less stressed and his team worked well together to get results. He had a very competent team who were well able to do the work with his support.

Have you got a team around you to work with you to achieve your results? Look at the results you want to achieve and think about the best way to achieve these. Consider whether you should be delegating to your team in order to help them as well as help yourself.

When I look at my Goal, I think about the following:

G – Goal: What is the outcome that I want to get?
O – Options: what are the options that I have to get this done -3D’s – Delegate; Do it myself; Doesn’t need to be done
A – Actions: from the options – what are the most important actions that I am going to take to get the outcome?
L – Look again – Look back at my Goal and ensure that my actions will get me to my goal most effectively.

What are you going to do to incorporate this into your actions to get your results?Email me & let me know what are the things that you have decided to delegate?

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