How many changes have you tried to make that you haven’t seen through to the end?

Making changes to the norm can be difficult. The majority of people are geared to stay within their comfort zone and any changes they want to make can seem daunting, hard work or not a priority in the busi-ness of day-to-day life. Nowadays with so many opportunities open to us and the wider world, continuous change is a given. How we choose to react and take hold of the change and the opportunities is up to us.

Have you considered the main points below?

  • Know what the end result looks like – what is the end result you want? What specifically are you working towards? This can then lead you to identify the benefits.
  • What are the benefits of the change for you and for your organisation – by focusing on the benefits, we get down to those points that motivate people to change.
  • Identify what are your barriers to change and where you are resisting change. We all have the capacity to learn and to change and if you are resisting change, figure out your reasons for putting up barriers to change.
  • How committed are you to the change? If you are not committed to the change and you don’t believe it in, you won’t make or find the time to do it.
  • Know the pace of change that you are comfortable with. We all choose what we want to learn and the pace at which we change. We should recognise where the pace of change is so fast that we are feeling overwhelmed by it. Once you recognise this, you can then take action to change it.
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Coming from a consulting background, I’ve seen companies & individuals go through good & not-so-good changes at work. I have seen the impact of change and the adverse reaction to change. This made me realise that in all the change I was involved in implementing, it was the impact and reaction of people that is the most important factor in change.  When we get people to understand change, and if we know the barriers to change, we can then work through these to help to bring in change.

The coaching that AMA Results provide focuses on helping people to achieve the changes they want to achieve. Coaching is a practical process that can facilitate clarifying ideas & focus on the actions you take to get there.

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