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Coaching for Individuals


Making the best moves to a successful & satisfied career doesn’t have to feel like a guessing game. Our Coaching Programmes for individuals allow you to Stop, Reflect, Understand and then move forward.

My Career Strategy

Making changes in your career & getting clear on your career direction can feel like being lost with no map and no sense of direction. But you don’t have to navigate this on your own.


With Your Career Strategy Programme you’ll get clarity on what steps to take to get your career on the right track.

You’ll learn:


  • How to make the right decisions for your career with 2 frameworks
  • The key to feeling satisfied with your career
  • The easiest way to know the best options to take for your life & as well as for your career
  • How to identify the blockers holding you back
  • Weekly check-in’s to keep you focused on making progress

Making My Mark as a Leader

Being the boss can be a lonely place especially where there are expectations that you have all the right answers.

You’ll learn:


  • The key to building confidence in your leadership decisions
  • How to create strong relationship within & outside your team
  • Systematic changes that lead to greater results
  • How to define actions to make accelerated progress towards your leadership goals
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Figuring Out Your Career Ambitions

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