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Coaching for Corporates


You want to get the best outcomes and see improvements in results. Our Corporate Coaching programmes focus on you individually and as a leader of your team. Understanding yourself and your strengths, while also focusing on helping your team to give their best. Getting engagement from people and results as an outcome.

Coaching as a Management Tool

Your team are developing and you as their leader want to empower them to learn how and have the confidence to make the right decisions themselves.

Benefits to you


  • This two-day workshop gives leaders an understanding of what coaching is as a management style
  • They will understand how Coaching can be used effectively by leaders to help their teams deliver to their potential
  • Participants will get a chance to practice coaching techniques and see the impact these techniques can have in their everyday work
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Coaching As A Management Tool

Juggling Your Time

You are continuously under pressure with a never-ending to-do list. Each day passes by with what feels like more to do and nothing finished.

Juggling Your Priorities

Benefits to you


  • This programme focuses on understanding what your main priorities are
  • Gives practical tools that can help you prioritise and make decisions when conflicting priorities arise
  • Participants will get an insight into where they are spending their time and how they can individually be more effective in managing their time in order to meet priorities
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Effective Team Communication

You are managing a team and feel like things are never understood correctly between you and the team and among themselves.

Benefits to you


  • Understand your own preferred communication style
  • Understand the communication preferences within your team
  • Understand how individuals’ best communicate and can help the team communicate effectively
  • Understand how some things can get lost through ineffective communication and how they can be avoided in the future
  • Each participant receives an individual report outlining examples of their own communication preferences
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Effective Team Communication

Understanding team priorities

You are managing a team and feel like you’re not making progress with the team / You’re frustrated with the team’s progress.

Understanding Team Priorities

Benefits to you



  • Understand what progress you want to make with the team
  • Challenge the group so that you know what’s stopping progress
  • Ensure everyone has clarity on what’s expected of them and find an enjoyable way to make progress
  • We’ll ask the silly questions so that we can pinpoint the right answers for your team
  • You’ll understand what has been holding the team back and have an agreed way to move forward and make progress
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Making Your Mark as a Leader

Being the Boss can be a lonely place, especially where there are expectations that you have all the right answers. Taking time to understand the impact you want to make as a leader and how you are going to do that can help you to make accelerated progress and flourish in your role as a leader.

Benefits to you


  • This programme supports you through a year in your role as a leader
  • You’ll have access to monthly phone / skype coaching sessions
  • An initial 2 hour session will allow you to understand what impact you want to have as a leader
  • The follow-up sessions will focus on your important areas as well as the progress you are making
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Making Your Mark As A Leader

Finding Your Feet in Your New Role Programme

You’ve just been promoted and feel overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities / want to make sure you succeed in the new role. The first 100 days can be a make or break time in your new role.

Finding Your Feet In Your New Role Programme

Benefits to you



  • This programme supports you through this time through fortnightly 50 minute coaching sessions
  • We will work through your priorities and look at the progress you want to make
  • We will identify if there is anything holding you back from making progress or areas that need additional support
  • We’ll work with you to build your confidence in delivering your new responsibilities
  • We’ll help you to clarify what is expected of you, understanding what you need in order to make the important decisions and what changes you need to make in order to be successful in your new role
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