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Your Career Strategy

Is this you? You are getting up for work day after day and you are wondering, “Why am I doing this? Is now the time to take a step back?” You know you need to figure out what is the right career move for you to make and take action to go and get it.

I used to think every job I had would feel the same way...

It was interesting to learn something new at the start and I liked getting paid monthly, but after a short while I thought, “Is this really how I’m going to feel until the day I retire?” I wasn’t really interested in the work. I would get work done; however, it didn’t excite me. Work always felt like a chore.

You have a choice to make.

You can find the right career Strategy for you or keep feeling frustrated, stuck and dissatisfied.

Do two or more of these sentences describe you?

  • I’m too busy
  • I won’t be able to get the same salary that I am earning now
  • I need to support my family
  • I don’t know what else to do
  • Other people love this job, I should stop complaining
  • It is too risky to move to another job
  • It is too time consuming to look for a new job

I’ve been there! I’ve found a career that works for me through trial and error. I’ve moved away from the work I didn’t enjoy towards work that I enjoyed and over time figured out the right thing for me. 

It took me about 10 years to figure it out and I’ve learned from it. I want to help you to find the right career and more satisfaction in your life, more quickly than I was able to!

Would You Like To Compress Your Timeline To Making Your Career Strategy?

About Me

Hi, I’m Aoife. I’ve been working for nearly 12 years and am I’m currently on my fifth career move. I’ve moved from corporate finance into strategy management consulting into delivery management consulting into internal consulting into people development. I’ve finally found a career that I love – helping people to develop the people skills they need in their career in order to have less stress and more success. My career also fits in with the lifestyle that I want for me. I know what I’m aiming for over the short, medium and long-term and I’m enjoying it as well!

I’ve put this programme together to help people make the next career move the right one for them. I want you to have less career moves than me!! Make the next one the one that works for you!

While working on a graduate programme in London, I was looking around for another job. At the time, the work was fine. I could do it….I was getting paid…I just couldn’t see how I could stay working at it FOREVER! It was starting to stress me out….why were other people happy doing this and I just wasn’t. I interviewed for others jobs –I wasn’t sure what to look for.. 

I searched and applied for jobs that I thought looked interesting….ones that could use some of my experience…. I applied for one role in central London for a financial planner. At the time, working in Corporate Finance I thought this could work. The interviewer asked me “What do you want to do in 5 years’ time and I gave the standard answer of progressing more into a manager position. He stopped, put down the pen and paper and asked me - “Why do you really want this job?” “Do you know what it is you want to do with your life?”

He started to ask me whether I wanted an apartment close to central London or a semi-detached house in a commuter suburb. Did I want to bring clients to rugby matches and was I willing to put in the extra hours like this to earn a good salary or work a more consistent 9-5 with potentially less responsibilities? At the time, I just thought…I’m not getting this job and this guy is freaking me out – I’ve no idea what I want to be when I grow up! From his perspective, he wanted someone in his team who knew what they wanted and was willing to go after it. He wanted someone who wasn’t going to jump ship when they realised (again)they didn’t like it. He understood how it’s important to understand what you value in life and make decisions around it. I didn’t understand that at the time. Instead I decided London isn’t for me, I’m moving back to Ireland, I’ll find something there! 

If you recognise any of this, then I know where you’re at! I know what it’s like. I’ve put together a programme which can help you to get clarity on your career strategy before the end of this year! 

Join a group of like-minded people on Your Career Strategy

Programme to:

Understand what’s important to you in your life

Map out the next ten years of your career

Design a career that excites you

Understand how you can use your strengths to find that right career strategy for you

You will walk away from the program with:

  • A view of the next 10 years of your career
  • Tools to help you define your long terms goals
  • Understand where your strengths are and how you can use these in the right career for you
  • A chance to work through your ideas one by one so that you’re confident about the decisions you are making
  • Structured action plan to move to that new role

​...AND, even more importantly, you will FINALLY feel like you are being successful again in your career.

Your Career Strategy is right for you if you:

  • Have been working for at least 8 years & have experience of the working world
  • You ambitious & feel stuck in the role you are in & don’t know where to go next
  • Are considering taking on the commitment of additional study or a course but you don’t know the reason you are doing it
  • Need help focusing in and getting clarity on EXACTLY what you want to do
  • Want to be clear on what the next 10 years of your career looks like
  • Are ready to dive in and start examining your career (even if that's scary & uncomfortable!)
  • Have tried to make some career moves in the past that have not worked out for you
  • WANT to start making the right decisions for you so that you enjoy your work more & feel more successful

Your Career Strategy is NOT good for you if you:

  • Don’t want to take time to make changes in your career
  • Have only been working for less than 8 years
  • Expect to be given the exact job title you should go for next (This course is about you discovering this for yourself, not about someone else’s opinion of the right job for you)
  • Are very clear on what you want your career strategy to be
  • Aren't comfortable using online tools as the course is run online.

What you get when you sign up:

Coaching Portal Access to the Course Modules - You have access to your individual portal where each of the modules will be ready for you. No more searching for the useful item a few months later! You can look over these at any point that suits you. The modules and tools build on each other so you don’t want to miss any of these

Workbooks & Videos - Each module has a corresponding workbook for you to use, either online or in print format, whichever you prefer. Each workbook has a corresponding video to guide you through the workbook before each call.

Email Support – email support to ask questions throughout the programme

It's time to feel successful in your career again.
Your career strategy is yours to make.  


Understanding myself & what’s important to me

You'll get clear on your personal values and what’s really important, you'll take a look back on the parts of your job roles that you have and have not enjoyed & you'll recognise trends in this, you look at your current satisfaction at work,  you'll outline your personal talent (SWOT), and you'll start to get excited about the options that are available to you


​Where do I see myself & paving my future career

You'll start to outline the parameters of what’s your ideal job looks like, you'll get clear on your longer term career goals in 1 / 3 / 5 /10 years’ time & you'll also get a chance to map out the lifestyle you want for yourself so it’s not only focused on your career in 10 years’ time.
This can help you to start to make decisions straight away on changes you can implement. 


Continuous Action

You'll use the GROW model to get into the habit of continuous action, you'll get access to a variety of tools that you can use to plan out your time and to learn how to use your time more effectively, and break things down into sizeable chunks to focus on.

​What other clients are saying:

“The coaching programme helped me to consider my options, understand my long term goals and make better decisions in the short term. What I have received from the coaching from Aoife is invaluable because it has given me clarity on where I want to be and how to get there. I would highly recommend Aoife - she is very skilled, she ensures your objectives are met, and guarantees best use of time.”
~ Michelle, Cork

“The coaching gave me a greater awareness of career direction. I was able to make an honest self-assessment and look at my likes/dislikes. I moved from acceptance of the situation and settling for traditional "good job", to striving for fulfilment and desire to achieve more.
~ Niovi, London

““I went from feeling a little out of place in my company to finding a role I am comfortable with and clarity on my more immediate career path. I have the tools to plan further ahead in my career as and when I feel the need. I learned how to recognise what makes me happy in work and what makes me not so happy- being able to tie my disposition to my values is starting to help me recognise where things need to change. A sincere thank you for coaching me over the last few months.
~ Oonagh, Dublin

What to consider before committing

  • You are ready to take action if you are able to take time to focus on your career.
  • You are ready to  find a career that you'll enjoy and that fits your lifestyle.
  • You understand what your own priorities are and the results you want to get.
  • You're to reduce your stress levels working at something that you're confident is the right fit for you.
  • You'll take action to do the right thing for yourself.




  • Access to modules & videos
  • Self-guided

Secure Payment.


3-Month Intensive

  • 6 * 90 minute group calls
  • 3 * 30 minute 1:1 call
  • Access to modules & videos

*Next Group Course Starting July 2020


4-Month Intensive

  • 6 video coaching sessions
  • 1 *90 minute video coaching sessions
  • 5 *45 minute video coaching sessions
  • Resume / CV review
  • Access to modules & videos
  • Phone Support
  • Accountability check-in's

Have any questions about the programme?

Schedule a free consultation call and see if you are a right fit for the programme.

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