Do you continuously feel frustrated at work? If you have that numb feeling when walking into work or you just feel like you shouldn’t be here, that you should be somewhere else. That’s ok! Work isn’t always going to be 100% perfect – we all have good days & bad days…what you can do is look at what you can change from the bad days!  

I work with a lot of people who want to change jobs – there’s too many bad days at work. They really are not enjoying going work at all. Their current role doesn’t feel right & they automatically think,  “I need to get out of here”. That may or may not be the right decision for you. Whatever you decide making a change to make work better than it is right now, is always a good thing.

Ask yourself – “What can you do to make things better?”

Be realistic on what is and is not within your control to change. Share on X

During coaching sessions, I start to get people thinking about what is within their control to change? Ask yourself that question. “From all the things I want to change, what is within my control to change right now?” If you struggle to get an answer to this, ask someone you work with….ask your team…..what’s within our control to change about this?

If there are things that are annoying you, things that are stressing you out…figure out whether there is anything within your control to change about the situation or whether you can’t change it. If you can’t change it, then look to change your response to it…let it go…let go of the stress, worry & frustration of something you can’t change.  

I’ve worked with Pharmaceutical companies, a highly regulated industries, where everything has to be documented and put into a procedure. I’ve worked with teams who were stressed about this..they were continuously complaining about “the paperwork”. What we worked on was what they could   change about the situation. They couldn’t get away from the regulations, they have to be followed. So instead of stressing about the fact that they had to document everything, they focused on how to make it more effective. They looked at how to make it less-painful for themselves on a day-to-day basis. How they could work as a team and get things documented more quickly, make sure it was up to date more often and that made audits less stressful. They moved away from the things that were outside of their control to change & focused on what was within their control to change. Be realistic on what is and is not within your control to change.  

If you can’t change it, then change your reaction to it….let go of the stress it is causing you & focus on the positive change you can make.

This week make things a little bit better for you. I invite you to do these two things:

  • Focus on one thing you can change & make that change this week
  • Let go of the stress around one thing that you can’t change

Reply & let me know what has worked for you?

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