Have you considered moving to a new role and you are not fully sure what is holding you back?

I come across clients who think a lot about moving to a new role, however, they are reluctant to take any action to get there. In other cases, people have tried a few things that haven’t always worked for them & they get disheartened. Try these 3 tips to build your confidence to move to a new role:

Be clear on what you want the new role to be.

Focus on the role you do want and be as specific as you can on this. Share on X

A lot of people focus on all the things they don’t like in a role & all the things they want to move away from, without spending much time focusing on the things that they do want in a new role.

Focus on a role that you do want & be as specific as you can on this. What are the skills & strengths you have that you would like to use over & over again. What are some of the practicalities of a role that would help your career satisfaction?

When you are very clear on a role outline that works for you, you can then start working towards getting that role for you.

Where are the specific areas that you lack confidence.

Consider your inner thoughts - are they building you up or tearing you down? Share on X

I look at this in two different ways with clients:

a) Are there specific incidents where you don’t feel confident:  e.g. you’re the team lead & you’re in a meeting where you panic when talking to the team & because of this you think you won’t do well in an interview. I would invite you to take a note of the various incidents where you don’t feel confident & see if you can recognise any trends or specific areas that you want to focus on building up your confidence.  You can do this using the table outlined below. Once you have outlined a number of incidents, identify any trends in relation to this:

b) Are there things that you are telling yourself that is affecting your confidence: What are the thoughts coming up again & again for you? I would invite you to get them out of your head and onto paper. For some people, it’s “I can’t get an interview”; “I don’t have any skills”; “no one will hire me”; “I won’t get the same salary I’m on now”. Write down the specific areas where you don’t feel confident. When you have these written down, challenge yourself to see:

~ Are these 100% true?
~ Do I have data / evidence to show this is 100% true?

Take Action.

Taking action is the one thing that will help you to move forward. Share on X

There are two ways that you can take action:

a) Physical Action: There are things that you can do to help to increase your confidence by showing yourself that you can make progress.  e.g. write out a list of skills that you have; start talking to people in the industry that you want to work in; update your CV

b) Mental Action: Noticing the negative thoughts & letting go of them & telling yourself the opposite will build your confidence. Give yourself some positive thoughts on moving to a new role – e.g. I have skills that I use now that will help me get a new role.

Remember that taking action is the thing that will help you to move forward. Sometimes the best thing that we can do is to get out of our head & stop giving ourselves a hard time. Instead start taking small actions to move towards the new result that you do want. Ask yourself, what one action can I take to move me closer towards my goal.   


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